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Memorial service and wreath laying ceremony

Date - Sunday, 18 September 2022

On Sunday 18 September 2022, a memorial service and wreath laying ceremony was held at the church of Axion Estin in Northcote, to commemorate those who gave their lives to liberate Tripolitsa (modern day Tripoli) on 23 September 1821. Led by Theodoros Kolokotronis, the great hero of the independence movement, Greek forces besieged and ultimately liberated Tripolitsa which was the administrative centre and stronghold of the Ottoman empire in southern Greece. This was a decisive victory which paved the way for many more successful uprisings of the Greek people over the next decade leading finally to the establishment of the modern Greek state in 1832.

The commemoration was attended by Arcadians, their descendants and supporters. Floral wreaths were laid by Emmanuel Kakavelakis, Consul General of Greece in Melbourne and Irene Giavas, Vice-President of the Panarcadian Association of Melbourne and Victoria, as well representatives from Prasino Arkadia Melbourne, the Hellenic RSL, AHEPA, the Panarcadian Federation of Australia, and the Pan Korinthians Association.

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