One can see Mr S. Sidiropoulos in the gathering for the blessing of the new building... More »

Panarcadian Association - O Kolokotronis

The premises of the Panarcadian Association of Melbourne - O Kolokotronis. It has been a wonderful building where many important functions and decisions have taken place. More »

The womens group

This is a group of women who firstly formed the Arcadian Women\\\'s Group in the Panarcadian Association - O Kolokotronis More »

The gentlemans club

Relaxing among fellow Arcadians with a refreshing drink in one hand around the men\\\\\\\'s table. More »

Parelasi 2009

Taking part in the community organised Greek Independence Day march is an important annual event for Arcadians. More »



It is with great honour and pride that we welcome you to the newly launched website of the Panarcadian Federation of Australia – a website for all Arcadians Australia-wide.

The Panarcadian Federation of Australia incorporates the Panarcadian Federations of NSW, SA and Victoria. A number of Arcadian Clubs and Associations sit within each of the state Federations.

The main aim of the Federation is to sustain and promote cultural and historical traditions as well as our language through the creation and support of social events, celebrations of historic anniversaries, lectures and other educational activities.

The website has been established to give you the opportunity to be informed of up-coming events and activities that are taking place, provide historical information on Arcadia Greece as well as providing historical information on Arcadians in Australia.

We encourage you to visit this site and other web sites from this portal. We welcome your input and feedback on subjects that are important to you and your families and the future direction for all Arcadians in Australia.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at one of our many functions.


  • Chris Jamos, Panarcadian Federation of Australia
  • Chris Jamos, Panarcadian Federation of New South Wales
  • Dimitrios Alexopoulos, Panarcadian Federation of Victoria
  • Chris Sinanis, Panarcadian Association of South Australia