Panarcadian Association “Kolokotronis”

The Panarcadian Association of Melbourne and Victoria “ο Kolokotronis” was established in 1959, by a group of people who arrived in Melbourne from Arcadia, a region in the Peloponnese, during the early fifties. The Association was registered under the Companies Act in the state of Victoria, in 1979. It bears the name Kolokotronis, after the hero of the 1821 War of Independence, and eventual liberator of Greece, Theodoros Kolokotronis. The Association’s membership comprises persons who are of Arcadian descent, that is, those who were born in Arcadia Greece, or those of whom at least one parent is/was a descendants of Arcadians, or those who are married to a person who qualifies to be a member of the Association. The Association aims at improving, promoting and expanding the educational, philanthropic, social, cultural, patriotic and spiritual interests of its members in order to extend good will and enhance harmonious living within the larger Australian Community. Ever since its establishment, the Association has been active in various areas which are delineated in its constitution. In particular, the Association was prominent in the creation of the Chair for Modern greek at the University of Melbourne, and always has responded generously to the various calls for financial assistance to individuals and organizations both in Australia and in Greece. Its social events, in pareticular the Annual Dinner Dance, which is held in September/October to commemorate the victory at Tripolitsa by the Greek Armies on the 23rd of September, 1821, are among the most eagerly anticipated by the Melbourne Greeks. It is a constitutional requirement that no part of the Association’s income, irrespective of how it is derived, may be divided among its members in any way. The Association is managed by a committee which is eleceted or appointed by the Annual General Meeting every two years. The offices and clubrooms of the Association are located in a superb neoclassical building of three levels at 570 Victoria St, North Melbourne, Vic Australia, 3051. The telephone number is: 61 3 9328 2930. The clubrooms are situated on level 1 and are open to members for entertainment and social activities every Friday evening, between 5 ans 12.

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